About Us

Established in 2021, Earthly Cafe is Somers Point’s nook for healthy food. Open six days a week, we serve breakfast and lunch from a fully plant-based menu. You can also find acai bowls, smoothies, and baked goods, along with takeout or delivery. Everything is made fresh to order on a daily basis. We offer gluten-free, paleo, organic, and raw options as well. To find out more about us, please see our FAQ.

For more information please see our FAQ below.



Yes, we do not use animal products or by-products. Many ingredients utilize animal by-products in ways you wouldn’t expect. We are dedicated to keeping up with the research and providing 100% vegan food.
Why vegan?
We could give you about a hundred reasons, but we’ll let you do your own research. For us, it is about the environment, our health, and the animals.
Do you offer nut-free menu items?
Yes, but we are not an allergy safe facility. We use tree nuts and peanuts on a daily basis in our kitchen.
Is everything gluten free?
No, but most menu items are. Please ask if you are unsure; we can always accommodate you.
Do you accommodate dietary requests?
Yes! Everything is fresh to order and allows us to make accommodations. Please allow a little extra time.
What is your policy on outside food or drink?
We politely ask that you do not bring outside food or drink inside.
Do you take reservations?
We currently do not. Due to the size of our location, we are not able to reserve seating.
What is your approach to eco-consciousness?
We care a lot about our environment, and are proud to contribute in any way possible. Here are some ways we are minimizing our footprint.

  • Reducing waste by giving disposables only upon request
  • Conserving electricity with the use of LED lighting and energy star appliances
  • Sourcing produce locally and organically when possible
  • Saving waste from going to the landfill by composting and properly recycling
  • Encouraging others by offering discounts for reusables – 25 cents for each!
  • ‍Making vegan food more accessible for everyone

How often does the menu change?
We change our menu with what produce is in season; usually every couple of months.
Are you still hiring?
We are always looking to build our team. Please apply if interested in working with us by emailing earthlycafenj@gmail.com.
Do you deliver?
You can find us on doordash for delivery!